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I Fly Photo is owned and operated by Mike Biden, and located in Penticton, British Columbia.

Mike has experience shooting high-quality aerial images of commercial, residential, landscape, and air-to-air images. Please view his portfolio for examples of his work.

Mike Biden

Mike is a man who likes living on the edge! He has had the privilege of parachuting, riding in hot-air balloons, tanks, jet fighters, World War II vintage airplanes, aircraft carriers and even submarines.

He has served more than 30 years as a ground Search and Rescue technician, rescue diver and Search and Rescue pilot, and is also an experienced survival instructor.

His photography skills were self-taught while he was becoming the self-published author of five books. Along with flying and photography, his newest passion is playing African dundun and djembe drums.

Mike has travelled extensively from Alaska to South America, Europe and the Caribbean, recording his adventures on film and digital media. He is a dedicated Nikon fan, contributing to magazines and newspaper articles including Canadian Geographic, WestJet Magazine, Triathlete Magazine, Comox Search and Rescue, Waterloo Music Corporation, Okanagan Life Magazine, Okanagan Women Magazine, Canadian Aviator Magazine and Firefighter of Canada Magazine.

Okanagan Strong is Mike's sixth book. His earlier books The Penticton Fire of 1994, Ironman Triathlon - the Pain and the Glory, Okanagan Above, North Okanagan Above and Jewels of the Okanagan feature some of the spectacular in his beloved Okanagan Valley. In Okanagan Strong, his images speak to the heart about the hope and courage of people united in the face of adversity.

His love of life is contagious! Mike's favourite saying is, "If you're not living on the edge . . . you're taking up too much space!"